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ria miranda x artist mulyana

Guess who’s back with an awesome project? It’s Ria Miranda, the genius behind modest fashion. This time, she’s teamed up with Yogyakarta artist Mulyana, aka Mang Moel, to drop the “Seanergy” art and fashion extravaganza at D’Gallerie Jakarta, running from October 12 to 27, 2023.

The Cool First-Time Collaboration

“This collab is a big deal because it’s Ria Miranda’s first time teaming up with an artist,” spilled Ria Miranda during the Seanergy show’s kickoff on Thursday, October 12.

So, how did this all start? Ria Miranda got hooked on Mang Moel’s creations when checking out Artjog in 2018. After some serious talks, the dynamic duo decided to join forces, aiming to mix things up with a blend of chic fashion and rad art.

After a year of scheming and creating, Ria Miranda and Mang Moel brought their visions to life, giving birth to an underwater ecosystem concept.

“I crafted pieces showcasing marine life visuals as the Octopus Monster’s ecosystem. Then, I vibed off the positive energy from Ria Miranda’s art,” spilled Mulyana.

What’s Going Down at Seanergy?

The “Seanergy” art show serves up a bunch of installations flaunting marine life visuals in Mang Moel’s signature Octopus Monster style. The exhibit split into four sections, rocking bright and feminine colors like pink and yellow.

“Mang Moel threw in a pink surprise for Ria Miranda, breaking new ground and totally vibing with Ria Miranda’s brand,” spilled Ria Miranda.

Mang Moel, the crochet wizard, went eco-friendly, using leftover threads from a clothing factory in Bandung for this gig. Around 80% of the materials rescued from the unused scraps.

“I usually work with whatever threads I can find, but this time, it was a bit of a challenge hunting down pink threads to match Ria Miranda’s brand,” explained Mang Moel.

In the show, Mang Moel also unveils costume works, showing off the transformation of Mogus, a giant figure looking like the Octopus Monster.

Check Out the Ready-to-Wear Line

The Ria Miranda and Mulyana collab isn’t just about cool art installations. Nope, they also teamed up for a ready-to-wear women’s fashion line, sticking to Ria Miranda’s unique brand vibe.

They cooked up about 15 special pieces featuring embroidered tulle material, all decked out with designs and colors straight out of the marine life playbook. And as a bonus, Ria Miranda dropped a men’s collection and a funky fish-shaped brooch called “iwak,” straight from Mang Moel’s signature stash.

“I see tons of potential in Mang Moel’s works, perfect for rocking in ready-to-wear fashion and Ria Miranda’s accessories. The marine life theme brings in a splash of colors that really pop. Mang Moel’s work also got me thinking about the importance of taking care of the environment, especially underwater life,” wrapped up the designer who kicked off her business journey in 2009.

And if you can’t make it to D’Gallerie Jakarta, you can still catch Mang Moel’s creations in Ria Miranda’s store window display at Pondok Indah Mall 2. Go check it out!


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